Plans for 2015 are emerging

Submitted by Danila on Пнд, 12/01/2015 - 03:48

During the first decade of January we have started to formulate plans for the year 2015 for the development of our project "Human Aging System Diagram." We have received many proposals from representatives of various organizations for the development of the Diagram. At the moment, the main directions for 2015 are these:

1. Ongoing work on the diagram with our current team of experts to produce the first draft.
2. Promotion of the diagram among gerontologists, attracting new experts.
3. Improving online diagram editor.
4. Updating the design of the diagram.
5. Adding data and health statistics from medical databases (by age and disease).
6. Refining the methodology based on our experience over the past year.

7. Development of the platform for other users
We want to make this powerful tool can be used not only for the analysis of aging, but also to draw metabolic pathways, gene networks, as well as any other cause-and-effect diagrams and even project diagram.
In particular, the following features are planned:
Interface for dynamic integration of different schemes
Dynamic grouping of elements for zooming
Filtering by categories and other parameters

We are going to develop the diagram editor as a separate project.

8. Creation of the first draft of an integrated anti-aging methodology based on "Human Aging System Diagram."