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Furber’s Diagram Problems

Submitted by Mortal on Tue, 27/07/2010 - 13:42

  In our viewpoint, at Furber’s Diagram the key aspects (aging process) and secondary aspects (multiple processes of organism life activity) are mixed up. The Diagram does not clearly distinguish central aging process (some of its stages are reflected therein, and others are not).  Instead, normal organism processes which indirectly provoke aging, are described in fulsome detail. This mistake is also reflected in the title. Furber’s diagram is entitled  “ Systems Biology of Human Aging  - Network Model.

We consider that the HASD project has immense prospects. Its development stages are as follows:

Is it possible to implement a project as complex as the creation of a radical interventions to stop ageing without a strategy? No, because we one step away from failure — the funding for gerontology research is small, the society is wary of extending life, scientists are working on their individual narrowly specialised projects. One careless movement and we fail.