Forty-first session of the seminar on transhumanism and science immortalizmu

41 th Seminar on transhumanism and science immortalizmu

Forty-first session of the seminar on transhumanism and science immortalizmu be held in Moscow on 27 March, Friday, from 18 to 22-hours in the hall of the Institute of African Academy of Sciences.

At the beginning of the meeting will explain the major achievements in science and technology related to the themes of the seminar, all of which appeared in the past month. Also, participants will make an announcement and will be talked about past and upcoming exciting events.

Further reports will include VV Pride and IA Dolgova on "The Art of the Future."

After the traditional coffee break is scheduled to report to Dr. AA Kononova (ISA RAS)
"On the possible prospects for the creation of technology neunichtozhimosti person."

According to the results of both reports is the discussion.

WARNING! The program can be made changes and additions.

Please do not forget that the content and variety of coffee-break depends on the initiative of the workshop participants! The initiative could be coordinated with Valery Pride - 8-962-947-50-79, and can be guided by the following simple rule:

if your last name begins A-And then shall nealkogolnye drinks.

If your surname begins on J-R, then bring biscuits and other bakery products.

And if the P-I, a banana, fruit, or something like that.

Well, if you forgot something to bring to our coffee-break, then no you will not drive :-))

For any questions please write to or call scientific secretary of the Seminar Igor Kirilyuk 8-926-557-92-75.
Before the meeting, friends!

How to get to the seminar

The seminar will be held on 27 March, Friday. The seminar will begin at 18:00 and last until 22:00. If you come to a seminar for the first time, give their name to the Secretary of the Seminar and take a passport or other document (at the Institute of System). The seminar is held at the Africa Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Spiridonovka, 30 / 1, the entrance to the Bolshoi Patriarch lane), metro "Mayakovskaya, Barrikadnaya or Tverskaya.

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