The Participation Possibilities

The project “Human Aging System Diagram” offers an extremely ambitious challenge. To make our project successful it is necessary to further develop several work streams – the drawing of the Diagram, the search for mistakes in the Diagram, the development and provision of content for the web-site, the preparation of presentation materials, networking, etc.

  To promote the Project, we urgently need the participation of various experts in work in these fields. The following specialists are demanded:  

  1. Experts in various branches if gerontology, molecular biology (biogerontology), geriatricians who could consult us on different aspects of the Diagram.
 2. Specialists knowing visual languages, diagrams and information representation.
 3. Copywriters.
 4. Nerworkers able to carry on correspondence, to contact with scientists and administrators. It would be ideal if you have contacts among gerontologists, both Russian and foreign.
 5. Scientists of any speciality for the participation in focus-groups.

In case you are ready to assist us in any of these areas of work, please, communicate with us through menu "Сontacts”.  

The Diagram is really of utmost importance. Without a system approach and the use of advanced visualization techniques and the complex systems analysis, coordinated and, above all, effective work of researchers in the field of aging, as well as of scientists endeavoring to develop various means of controlling negative aging effects, cannot be possible. We invite you to contribute to the HASD project and to be listed among the authors of the Human Aging System Diagram (and then of the Model based on the Diagram).