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Plans for 2015 are emerging

Submitted by Danila on Mon, 12/01/2015 - 03:48

During the first decade of January we have started to formulate plans for the year 2015 for the development of our project "Human Aging System Diagram." We have received many proposals from representatives of various organizations for the development of the Diagram. At the moment, the main directions for 2015 are these:


TTomorrow, August 4, 2010, at 16 o'clock, at the office of Rostok Group, we will present the report on the 1st phase of our project.

We will present there the latest version of the HASD and the version of HASD with mapped interventions to the aging process (used, studied and projected). There will also be a presentation on the work during the 1st phase and Analytic Note with the results of analysis of interventions in the aging process based on HASD.

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Presentation about HASD in Kharkiv

Submitted by Mortal on Fri, 02/07/2010 - 12:26

                    The Human Aging System Diagram (HASD)

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A big push to finish the diagram

Submitted by Danila on Wed, 07/04/2010 - 01:49
We have started a big push to finish the diagram of aging in April 2010 thanks to the generous support of the Rostock Group. The expected timeframe for releasing the diagram is July-August 2010. Expect more news in the coming weeks on the website as we update it with new content. Please contact us if you want to get involved.
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Report working version (internal alpha)

Submitted by Danila on Sat, 15/08/2009 - 13:23

In early August 2009 we have finalized the first working draft of the industry report. This "alpha" version is for internal use and for reviews by a limited number of experts, so it's not published on the website.

If you want to read the draft to provide detailed commetns and suggestions to the texts that would help us in our ongoing work, please write us an e-mail to discuss it.

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Meeting on life extension in Toledo

Submitted by Danila on Wed, 22/07/2009 - 18:50

On July 19-20, 2009 a European meeting on life extension was held in Toledo, Spain. The meeting was hosted by a Spanish immortalism activist Sergio Tarrero.

As a part of the meeting we had long and fruitful discussion with SENS Foundation's VP Development and Communications, Dr. Sarah Marr. We have covered co-operation in areas of organisational development, fundraising, planning, industry research and development of the scientific program.

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The 19th IAGG congress in Paris has finished

Submitted by Danila on Thu, 09/07/2009 - 16:15
The 19th World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics that was held in Paris on July 5-9 has just finished. A delegation from the "Science vs. aging" project visited the congress. The time was well spent, because we found some good leads and possible avenues for future project development:
  1. We met the founders of Lithuanian immortalist organisation the Life Extension Research foundation.
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Charity evening at the "Science for Life Extension" Foundation

Submitted by admin on Thu, 23/04/2009 - 15:17

On April 17 the foundation held a charity event at the "Vinzavod" centre for modern art. The goal of such events is to bridge the gap between scientists, the public and business, while attracting increased attention and support for foundation's projects.

During the event there was a presentation "Aging is not a death sentence" that outlined main interests and principles of the foundation in fight against aging, this horrible humanitarian problem.

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41 th Seminar on transhumanism and science immortalizmu

Forty-first session of the seminar on transhumanism and science immortalizmu be held in Moscow on 27 March, Friday, from 18 to 22-hours in the hall of the Institute of African Academy of Sciences.

At the beginning of the meeting will explain the major achievements in science and technology related to the themes of the seminar, all of which appeared in the past month. Also, participants will make an announcement and will be talked about past and upcoming exciting events.

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It is yet another science cafe, organized fund Dmitry Zimin «Dynasty» and fund «Science for the extension of life» February 28, 2009 in a cafe «Baba Marta».
At this time the guest of a café was only one scientist - the famous British biogerontolog Aubrey de Gray. Participants in a café - the journalists of leading mass media - have been able to listen to a guest and ask questions.
More -

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