Science against ageing

The aim of the "Science vs. aging" project is to prevent people from ageing, keeping them healthy and full of vigour. To achive this we are creating a plan for scientific research and development to fight aging. Then we will get the support of leading states to implement the plan. The result would be creation of methods to extend people's youth.

How is the "Science vs. aging" project different from other projects in the field of aging research? In this project we emphasise not only science, but good management as well.

Imagine that the pilots of passenger airliners decide where to fly on their own, that their requests for fuel are met after months or even years. Imagine that the fuel supply can be cut off in-flight. That no one is coordinating the takeoff and landing and it is considered normal for 2 or 3 planes to land simultaneously on the same runway. Imagine that curiosity and freedom of flight are considered valid reasons to change course. In other words, there are no air traffic corridors and no air controllers. Surprised? But what we just described is exactly like the present situation in the fight against aging.

One of the main features of our project is our intent to carefully examine the external environment in which we have to act. As part of our work on the industry report on ageing we are investigating other major scientific projects, the reasons for their successes and failures. We are studying the possibilities to promote the program and finance it, social attitudes to ageing, methodologies for road map development, etc. Professionals from differnet fields help us plan how to create and promote the scientific program. We believe that only such interdisciplinary approach will help us succeed.

We aim to make the fight against ageing more organized, since any area of human activity requires good management. The fight against aging is no exception. The study of ageing and the development of methods to extend life require not only research, but also effective management of the process.

We know that we can't defeat ageing alone. That's why a coalition uniting the fighters from the aging is needed. Within this coalition everyone working on aging will co-operate, working more effectively. This coalition will finish the development of the industry report, it will develop and organisational strategy for the project and most importantly the integrated scientific research program or "road map".

We have already started the work on this program. An increasing number of scientists — gerontologists, geneticists, molecular biologists — is joining the work on the program. We are creating a theoretical basis for the program — a diagram of the mechanisms of aging that will show the grand picture of ageing in humans, why and how it happens.

We invite you to work together with us. If you are involved in the fight against aging, share your experience and expertise for the industry report. If you volunteer to help the project, we need help in finding information for the report. If you represent an organization working to cure aging, join the "Science vs. aging" coalition. Contact us to discuss what you can do to help the project and how we can cooperate.

Together we can defeat aging.