The 19th IAGG congress in Paris has finished

Submitted by Danila on Thu, 09/07/2009 - 16:15
The 19th World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics that was held in Paris on July 5-9 has just finished. A delegation from the "Science vs. aging" project visited the congress. The time was well spent, because we found some good leads and possible avenues for future project development:
  1. We met the founders of Lithuanian immortalist organisation the Life Extension Research foundation. Even though this organisation is quite young, it may well have the approach to fight against aging most similar to what we have. This is a valuable likely member of the coalition.
  2. We met the chair of the Korean Gerontological Association Hungbong Cha. He is the chair of the next IAGG congress to be held in 2013 and may well play an important role in the IAGG in the coming years.
  3. A great find at the congress was a new friend and future partner - Suresh Rattan, a well-known aging researcher and the editor of BioGerontology journal. He offered us to write a section on hormesis for the scientific program. We also agreed to work together to organise a working session on curing aging with brainstorming and business games as a satellite conference at one of the upcoming gerontology events.
  4. The poster with the chart of aging processes was displayed at the poster session. We handed out the booklet with the latest edition of the science program (soon to be posted). We have attracted some interest and several high-profile scientists have agreed to help writing and editing parts of the program.
  5. We also had a heated discussion with Robin Holliday, author of the recent pro-aging book "Aging: The paradox of life", who is a well-known opponent of ANY life-extension or aging control, about the feasibility of controlling and curing aging.
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