A scheme of aging in the CMAP Tools

Aging - it is a systemic process that can hardly be described without reflecting the relationships between the various components (objects, relationships, cause and effect). The most worked out to date is scheme Farber.

However, Farber scheme has several deficiencies that were noted (Pat Langley) на symposium on systems biology of aging in December 2008 г.:

  • Informal , because the value of the diagram and the relationship is not clearly defined.
  • Static , because the model can not be quickly and easily updated or corrected.
  • Inert , ie to describe the mechanisms and to formulate predictions of the scheme must be interpreted in an expert.

Schemes can be of two types

  • Total and complete, which describes all the major large blocks
  • Feasibility and detailed, describing all the smaller units and parts.

To obtain a holistic understanding of aging (which is still not available to many scientists) it is important to the overall integrated circuit. It may also give an understanding newbie. The detailed scheme is much longer. A similar project is under Methuselah Foundation (knowledge ORACLE - the name is then changed, not to be confused with the Oracle DBMS).

Our scheme

In the framework of the "Program" prepared scheme of aging, describes the current understanding of the processes of aging. The first version of the scheme was established by A. Moskaleva describes, above all, the genetics of aging. The scheme was published in the second draft version of the booklet and poster project on gordonovskoy conference. Then, in communion with the experts identified the comments and amendments to this scheme.

So far, this scheme does not reflect any scientific consensus, nor the diversity of views. We welcome additions to the scheme, as well as the participation of individual scientists in developing their own schemes of aging. Such schemes can cover all the aging, as well as individual components.

CMAP Tools - tool for creating patterns

CMAP Tools has a number of advantages (which can be studied in detail):

  • Allows you to create maps of concepts, to add links.
  • Free.
  • Has good and quick to master the interface.
  • Maintained online access. You can run your own server or use a server IHMC (razrabotchniki).
  • Supports collaborative work (access control, comments, changes).
  • Successfully used for major themes, such as Mars exploration.

File for the installation can be downloaded here: http://cmap.ihmc.us/download/

Learn how to work with the scheme A. Moskaleva following: install the program, copy the file to the scheme in the folder that you specified when you installed a program for mapping concepts (My Cmaps). Start the CMAP Tools, open it.

Units in the scheme must describe the individual events, the connection - or the investigation, or opposing (the lock).

Have comments or revisions of schemes (in the folder My Cmaps) please send an email to danila.medvedev @ mail.ru

Reference material

Network model of aging Farber:

First outline of the scheme aging mechanisms of "Science against aging (A. Moskalev):

Sincerely, Team project «Science against aging».